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Welles Bowen Title Agency provides complete Property Title Insurance Products and Services to clients throughout Northwest Ohio in conjunction with Chicago Title.
The experienced staff of Chicago Title provides the title searches and the closing services for Welles Bowen Title Agency.
Closings can be scheduled at any of the convenient Chicago Title Offices or the Welles Bowen Realtors Offices.

Title Insurance

A Title Insurance Policy protects the owner or the lender against loss resulting from title defects. A search of the public record will identify title defects within the public record that can be eliminated or removed prior to closing.

Many different types of Title defects may not be disclosed within the public record, but may affect the marketability of the property.

Title Insurance will protect against loss resulting from Title defects disclosed in the public record and against loss resulting from many Title defects not disclosed in the public record, such as, fraud, forgery, mistakes in the records, or missing heirs.

Title Insurance also covers the cost of legal fees and the loss resulting from a valid claim.

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